Pavilion Restaurant Wolfeboro inspired by old Pavilion Hotel


PAVILION combines the talents of Chef Jonathan Hudak along with Peter and Patty Cooke, owners of Pickering House Inn. Named in honor of Wolfeboro’s Pavilion Hotel, built in the mid-1800s by Daniel Pickering, PAVILION was created to bring sophisticated dining and warm hospitality to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. An imaginative renovation of the historic Avery Building provides intimate spaces designed for casual conversation and filled with historic charm.
A fireplace in the dining room provides a cozy winter respite, while an outdoor patio is expected to open in Summer 2021 and will expand warm weather seating options.

Fine Dining Pavilion in Wolfeboro, NH

The Dining Experience

Whether you’re coming for an early evening aperitivo and snacks,
or a sumptuous celebration dinner, PAVILION is the destination for delicious food and genuine hospitality. Our menu was designed for a tasting experience and sharing is encouraged. Mix snacks, small plates and large, entrée-sized plates for a fun, flexible way to sample a range of flavors. 
While we encourage guests to order “for the table,” you are,
of course, more than welcome to order individually à la carte.

Wine at Pavilion Restaurant in Wolfeboro NH

Our Staff

Wolfeboro NH has become the new home for our seasoned team of hospitality leaders. A kismet connection between Chef Jon and owners of The Pickering House, Peter & Patty Cooke, led to one monumental idea - to create an unparalleled food and beverage experience for New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. Our imaginative menu and relaxed ambiance encourages lively eating, imbibing, and conversation. 

We hope to see you soon!

Jonathan Hudak chef at PAVILION restaurant in Wolfeboro NH

Jonathan Hudak

Lindsey Comeau at PAVILION restaurant in Wolfeboro NH

Lindsey Comeau

Aleks Chmielewska at PAVILION restaurant in Wolfeboro NH

Aleks Chmielewska