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We are excited to announce Pavilion is now under new ownership, brought to you by

Northern Comfort Hospitality Group by Chef Christopher Viaud

which includes Greenleaf & Ansanm both located in Milford NH!


The menu at Pavilion serves as a representation of the bountiful ever changing seasons found in New England and highlights ingredients sourced from local farmers and vendors.

Chef Chris Viaud - Chef/Owner of Pavilion in Wolfeboro


Chris Viaud, a James Beard Award semifinalist & Top Chef Alumni, is the chef and owner of Greenleaf and Ansanm, both located in Milford NH and Pavilion located in Wolfeboro NH. Upon graduating from Johnson and Wales, Viaud moved to Boston where he spent three of his most formative years at Deuxave, where he worked through the ranks. Since his time in Boston he has been an essential part of multiple restaurant openings in the Greater Boston and New Hampshire area. Viaud focuses primarily on seasonal locally grown products which inspire his menu creations. He plans and executes a balanced meal that incorporates different flavors and textures that entertain the palate which allows for a unique dining experience each time.

Chef Viaud has recently begun focusing a lot more of his time and energy into the exploration of his Haitian Heritage, including finding new ways to introduce and educate communities around the beauty of Haitian cuisine and culture. 

Executive Chef- Antonio Wormley

Chef Antonio has over 10 years of culinary experience. His passion for cooking began as a young child when he would help his grandmother in the kitchen. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in 2012, Antonio was an essential part of multiple restaurants opening in New England. Antonio left New England in 2018 to travel around the country with his fiancé. During this time Antonio worked in a wide variety of restaurants. His most recent adventure was working as a personal chef for high end clients in California. Antonio is excited to be back in New England and bring back all he has learned throughout his travels. Antonio is passionate about cooking with local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients; he believes that every dish should create a memory or tell a story.

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Chef Emilee found her passion for baking at a young age where she has fond memories of making cookies for her second grade class. Since then she has taken cooking and baking courses all through middle school and high school. She decided to further her education by attending Johnson & Wales University where she earned her bachelors in Pastry Arts. 


After college, Emilee pursued opportunities working in bakeries and restaurants in the Boston area. Emilee then took a break from working in restaurants to work in the travel industry. After years spent out of the kitchens, she had the desire to continue her passion for baking and expressing herself through pastries, which led her to open her own pastry business, Sweet Treats by Emilee, where she focuses on custom cakes and cookies as well as selling sweet treats at various retail locations in Southern New Hampshire. 


In addition to running her own successful business, Emilee shares her talents through her creative work as the Executive Pastry Chef of Greenleaf and Pavilion located in Milford and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where she focuses on creating beautifully crafted seasonally-inspired desserts. 


Melissa is originally from Daytona Beach, FL and moved to NH 7 years ago after vacationing in the lakes region and fell in love with the area. She began her food service career at age 16 as a food runner, then was a hostess and cashier, and began serving at age 17. While in school to become a medical assistant, Melissa worked at a beach bar and grill as well as a Mexican bar and grill. She worked at Murphy's Taproom and Carriage House in Bedford, NH for about 4 years before moving up closer to the lakes region and found a home in the restaurant industry at Pavilion. Melissa started as a hostess and quickly moved up to her current position as Front of House Manager where she oversees the service staff and ensures an exceptional guest experience for all.

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Kassie Viaud was born and raised right outside of Boston before moving with her family to the southern New Hampshire area. She graduated from Assumption College with her bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2017, and worked in customer service facing roles that led her to working for Dunkin at their corporate office. In 2021, she started working as the marketing director of Greenleaf restaurant in Milford, NH where she started learning about restaurant operations. As more opportunities opened up, like the opening of Ansanm also located in Milford, she began her current role of Director of Operations for the Northern Comfort Hospitality Group brands where she oversees the operations of Greenleaf, Ansanm, and Pavilion restaurants. 


Named in honor of Wolfeboro’s Pavilion Hotel, built in the mid-1800s by Daniel Pickering, PAVILION was created to bring sophisticated dining and warm hospitality to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. An imaginative renovation of the historic Avery Building provides intimate spaces designed for casual conversation and filled with historic charm.


A fireplace in the dining room provides a cozy winter respite, while an outdoor Patio Garden expands warm weather seating options.

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The Dining Experience

Whether you’re coming for an early evening aperitivo and snacks, or a sumptuous celebration dinner, PAVILION is the destination for delicious food and genuine hospitality. Our menu was designed for a tasting experience and sharing is encouraged. Mix snacks, small plates and large, entrée-sized plates for a fun, flexible way to sample a range of flavors. While we encourage guests to order “for the table,” you are, of course, more than welcome to order individually à la carte.





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